Hello, my name is Brice Curry.
I’m not going to make this long, so I hope you read it all the way through. In the early 80’s I started one of the first Video Stores before even the bankers knew what a VCR was. The challenge was formidable, but the store was one of the best-known names in the town, and with the great staff, we grew the store to 17,000 sq. feet. To put this into perspective, this was the size of a large grocery store. Later, we all were confronted with Y2K that was going to be our new Armageddon. I use my education with computers to see if these babies would clock over to the year 2000. Well, you know that story the computers did clock over, and everything was okay, except for one thing, there were a lot of computers for sale. So I started Computer Systems Outlet that bought and refurbished computers, and it like the video store, it was a hit. Computer systems outlet is still in business to this day.
With that sold, I wanted to buy a car, so I was very interested in a corvette, but somehow I thought it was cool to buy a limousine. So that one car later turned into almost 40 cars and buses called Dynasty Transportation. It has now become time to let the younger generation run the transportation business. So now, WHAT? I have seen computers go from a commodore to what we have today. A cell phone in a bag to a cell phone in your pocket. A 32″ tube TV to a 70″ Flat Screen 4K HD TV.
So now we are more conscious about our health, our gadgets, our relationships, and of course, our pets that are always with us in good or bad times. I have met many people with great ideas and some not so great, but without the ideas, we would not be able to arrive at things that are good for us. We put our opinions, products, and ideas here for you to look at and hopefully give you some inspiration on what you might need or want. If you read this to the end, thanks, and take a look around, you never know what might inspire you.