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Video Production

Are you looking for a video company or a video production service? The Max-Diamond group can take your ideas and design a video to help market a Facebook Group, Instagram page, a family get-together, or maybe a Wedding that you would like to have a video to share with friends. If you supply the idea, we can take it from there.

Website Design

A long, long time ago, if you built just a one-page website, the cost could be as much as $1,200. I know because I paid that price. The price hasn’t changed much, but the quality and quantity of pages have definitely got better for the price. Today there are new platforms that offer drag and drop building like Weebly, Wix, Webflow, but you still have to have some background on working them, and every one of them has some form of a curve that you have to learn.

Content Writing

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The world is not composed of heroes and villains, but of men and women with all the passions that God has given them. The ignorant condemn, but the wise pity.

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